Friday, August 14, 2015

Have You misplaced Your Mobile While on Silent Mode?

Mobile phones becomes necessity for human beings. Mobile phones are the simplest and most used way of communication in today's life. Now a days everybody is dependent on mobile phones from features like calling to reading news from across the world, doing online transaction, shopping, watching movies etc.

But what happens when you misplaced your cell phones and the worst part is that your mobile is on silent mode it takes a lot of time to find out your mobile.

Good news for Android mobile users follow the below simple steps and you can easily find out your mobile.

1. Login to the Google Play store in desktop with the same e-mail id which you have been used for your mobile.

2. Click on Setting Option

3. Click on Android Device Manager

4. Select Ring Option

5. Confirm to click on Ring button your mobile will ring on the full volume for the next 5 minute.

Hope it will help you to find out your mobile phone while on Silent Mode.

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